Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Things You Didn't Know About Park Shin Hye | Congrats Park Shin Hye!!!!

As You May or May Not Know, Park Shin Hye is Turning 25 (or 26 in Korean years) on February 18! 

This means that Park Shin Hye has been acting for over 12 years now. That's a lot to say for a person in their twenties. She is quite accomplished.

  1. She Was A Child Actor| She played the younger version of Han Jung Suh in Stairway to Heaven when she was 13 years-old
  2. She went to acting school| Her training included acting, singing, and dancing
  3. She has received over 23 awards|
  4. She's still in college| majors in Theater at Chung-Ang University
  5. She's a  goodwill ambassador and a philanthropist|

It's funny and waxing nostalgic to look back at the last decade and remember all the things she has done.

A Snapshot of Her Dramas:

Tree of Heaven:

In this Faux-incest drama, Park Shin Hye plays a Japanese-Korean girl who falls in love with her step-brother. Yikes!

You're Beautiful:

Yep, Fur Dude in the middle there is played by Park Shin Hye. She makes one cute dude. Check her out in this Gender Bender Rock Band Drama!!

Flower Boy Next Door:

Starring next to Yoon Shi Yoon in this super cute drama. Check it out; there's stalking, a cute panda, and Italian mobsters. It's Awesome (notice that I have capitalized 'awesome').


Park Shin Hye plays a poor girl who falls in love with a rich boy. Seems typical, right? Wrong. The high schoolers are in actuality grown men. Who are very attractive.


Park Shin Hye as a High School student and as a reporter. Plus, all this is next to the super smoky Lee Jung Suk.

Article by Sheila Song
photos are not mine