Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Drama Depression Is Real

Post Drama Depression is real. The highly anticipated yet much feared ‘Last Episode’ has left countless in emotional crisis. Feelings of loneliness and loss of friendship are some symptoms of this illness. Sufferers often find themselves daydreaming of amusing situations that occurred in the drama that caused the depression and imagine future scenarios with characters of said drama. It is also not uncommon for ones eyes to water. But never fear; there is hope.
How to Cope:
Ice Cream
Soft Plush Things
Doing Nice Things for Others
Tissues (4 boxes)
More Ice Cream
Having a Social Life
Long Reflective Walks on the Beach
Low-fat Ice Cream (you may actually get fat from all the ice cream)
Hours of listening to the OST
Retail Therapy
Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt (in case your ice-cream consumption reaches dangerous levels)
Ranting on the Internet
Write a letter to the drama
Bury your laptop/cellphone in your backyard
Spend hours on Tumblr
Start Another Drama
For you all sufferers out there, look on the bright side. Now you have time to go out and do things and stop procrastinating and ACTUALLY FINISH SOMETHING IMPORTANT and meet new people and catch up with friends and call me anytime. ^-^ (if you don’t know how, look at my username)
GUYS! stop being sad. (°~°) Go be happy somewhere anywhere. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ (•○•)

Awww Cha Jae Wan

Aw Man, Cha Jae Wan has been sooo emotional these past few days. I mean who can blame the man? His life categorically sucks. His dad is psycho, he can’t trust anyone, his girlfriend can’t cook (lol), there is tons of mystery surrounding his birth, and then to top it all off, he got fired by none other than the woman he loved the most, the very same woman who destroyed his taste buds. If I were him, I would cry too. All the time, in fact.
On the real though, have you ever had to eat something that was disgusting out of respect for someone? Or to please them? 😥
When my dad made my lunch as a kid, he would put weird stuff in there, like peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
It was pretty bad.
Serving bad food is just disrespectful; especially to people you love. Not everyone is as understanding as Cha Jae Wan.
Guyz! Don’t be Ah Mo Ne. Only cook good food, or don’t do it all.
Love, Unnie. 😚😘😚😘😚😘😚😋


For the purposes of this article we will refer to the collective stereotypes of second female leads with the pronouns “she” and “her”.
Lol, What do you guys think of the second female lead? She’s typically the vicious-clingy-sabotage-y type. She knows she won’t get the guy, but she tries anyway. Have you ever wanted to hide in bushes when she’s alone, jump out, and be like, “Surprise, Harlot!”? Well, I have. Someone needs to teach her a lesson. And why is she always smarter than than the female lead? It can be so frustrating to see the lead get set back just because the seconds can’t wave the white flag.
That ahjumma’s face though. Its says: “Try me, hoe.” The purple shirt gal is just shocked. She clearly did not know she was getting a scalp-ectomy that day. This pic is from “Jang Bo Ri is Here!” It’s a patience-trying but highly rewarding drama. If you have the tenacity, will-power, and good nature to stick it out for 50 episodes, I recommend.
Do you guys like my new cover art? I made it myself. I did pretty good, right? I did it for your aesthetic pleasure. You’re welcome.
Unnie 😚♡

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

List of Good Korean Dramas

What can I say about dramas? Yes, we go way back. It has been a long and rocky road but we are still going strong. We’ve had good times and I look forward to more in the future! We are inseparable, dramas and I.

Sometimes, people ask me what they should watch. So, I’ve compiled a list of the dramas I have completed, from the very first one, to the most recent. It’s not very impressive, but I’ll keep updating it, as I keep watching. If you’d like a recommendation, it will be from this list.

My Drama List:

1. Full House
2. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
3. A Love to Kill
4. Rooftop Prince
5. Protect the Boss
6. Level 7 Civil Servant
7. City Hunter
8. Baker King Kim Tak Gu
9. Flower Boy Next Door
10. Lie to Me
11. Faith
12. To the Beautiful You
13. All About My Romance
14. Bridal Mask
15. Coffee Prince
16. Boys Over Flowers
17. That Winter, The Wind Blows
18. Personal Taste
19. You’re Beautiful
20. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
21. Me too, Flower
22. Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang
23. Big
24. Dating Agency: Cyrano
25. Playful Kiss
26. Gu Family Book
27. Panda & Hedgehog
28. Princess Hours/Goong
29. Secret Garden
30. Heartstrings
31. Good Doctor
32. Heirs
33. Queen In Hyun’s Man
34. Marry Him If You Dare
35. Secret Agent Miss Oh
36. Dr. Jin
37. Scent of a Woman
38. My Princess
39. When A Man Loves
40. Pasta
41. Prime Minister & I
42. You Who Came From the Stars
43. Let’s Eat
44. I Hear Your Voice
45. Cunning Single Lady
46. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
47. Fated to Love You
48. Marriage, Not Dating
49. Grandpas Over Flowers
50. The Greatest Love
51. My Secret Hotel
52. My Girl
53. Surplus Princess
54. My Fair Lady
55. Heaven's Order

I CAN’T really tell you which drama to watch. Whether a drama is good or bad is a completely relative judgment, up to the individual. But I CAN tell you some important details that’ll help you decide whether or not you want to watch it.

Dramas are fun, whether you are new to dramas, or you have been watching dramas for a while.
You’ve read my list. And you’re curious, I know it. Tweet me @ ➡ callmeunniiieee. Let’s talk it out. 🙋

Unnie 😚
P.S. watch dramas.