Wednesday, April 8, 2015

6 Things To Do While Watching A Korean Drama

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Does watching Korean Dramas make you feel like a lazy slug? Does it change from morning to night without you noticing it at times?

I don’t, using the power of MULTITASKING!

This is the story all about how you can not be totally lazy while you watch Korean dramas and you can actually get some stuff done even if you are watching back to back to back to back episodes.

  1. Exercise; using your phone, laptop, or tv, you can get sexier while you watch OR if you at the gym, you can run, jog, or exercise for 30 to an hour, or MORE!
  2. Bake; if you make brownies or cookies, by the end of your episode, they’ll be ready. It’s also an incentive to get away and go back into the real world.
  3. Eat (duh); this is basic but some people might not know, ok? Get snacks and what not or a full course meal and watch away!
  4. Laundry; So since I hate doing laundry (the horror!), it makes it much better to do it while I watch dramas, it’ll be washing and drying while you watch, and then after that’s done you can fold and hang up clothes while your eyes are on the screen.
  5. Sauna/Spa/Massage; this is awesome, you get to relax while you watch dramas, which can be stressful sometimes. If you’re in the sauna, don’t get so absorbed that you don’t realized that you’re dying and need a break.
  6. Getting hair/nails done; sometimes, getting your hair or nails done can be so boring its painful. Keep yourself entertained, and let the manicurist/hairstylist concentrate on what they're doing LOL.

On the other hand, there are things you definitely shouldn’t do. DO NOT:

do homework/study
work - (I know that you’ll do it anyway)
walk on the street or in a crowd
play sports

Drama Responsibly

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