Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's a Jjong?

According to my research this is what a Jjong looks like:

Jjong is the chosen pet name or nickname for Kim Jong Hyun, main vocalist for Kpop group SHINee and ballad group, The Ballad.

He got the nickname Jjong when... well, since ever. Jong Hyun's fan call him Jjong as shortened version of his name and the romanization of the Hangul syllable "μΆ…", which is Jjong with two jj's. 

On twitter, fans are wishing him a happy birthday, using the trending hash-tag, #0408JongHyunDay. Many fans have also taken to changing their twitter handles to something Jjong-love related. 

To say he's famous is an understatement. This guy is quite beloved. This are the results of Jjong on a Google search page:
And Tumblr? For the love of Jjong:

And above all, a Jjong has abs:

For the love of abs, science, and world peace. Love Jjong

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