Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Drama Depression Is Real

Post Drama Depression is real. The highly anticipated yet much feared ‘Last Episode’ has left countless in emotional crisis. Feelings of loneliness and loss of friendship are some symptoms of this illness. Sufferers often find themselves daydreaming of amusing situations that occurred in the drama that caused the depression and imagine future scenarios with characters of said drama. It is also not uncommon for ones eyes to water. But never fear; there is hope.
How to Cope:
Ice Cream
Soft Plush Things
Doing Nice Things for Others
Tissues (4 boxes)
More Ice Cream
Having a Social Life
Long Reflective Walks on the Beach
Low-fat Ice Cream (you may actually get fat from all the ice cream)
Hours of listening to the OST
Retail Therapy
Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt (in case your ice-cream consumption reaches dangerous levels)
Ranting on the Internet
Write a letter to the drama
Bury your laptop/cellphone in your backyard
Spend hours on Tumblr
Start Another Drama
For you all sufferers out there, look on the bright side. Now you have time to go out and do things and stop procrastinating and ACTUALLY FINISH SOMETHING IMPORTANT and meet new people and catch up with friends and call me anytime. ^-^ (if you don’t know how, look at my username)
GUYS! stop being sad. (°~°) Go be happy somewhere anywhere. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ (•○•)

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