Monday, December 29, 2014


For the purposes of this article we will refer to the collective stereotypes of second female leads with the pronouns “she” and “her”.
Lol, What do you guys think of the second female lead? She’s typically the vicious-clingy-sabotage-y type. She knows she won’t get the guy, but she tries anyway. Have you ever wanted to hide in bushes when she’s alone, jump out, and be like, “Surprise, Harlot!”? Well, I have. Someone needs to teach her a lesson. And why is she always smarter than than the female lead? It can be so frustrating to see the lead get set back just because the seconds can’t wave the white flag.
That ahjumma’s face though. Its says: “Try me, hoe.” The purple shirt gal is just shocked. She clearly did not know she was getting a scalp-ectomy that day. This pic is from “Jang Bo Ri is Here!” It’s a patience-trying but highly rewarding drama. If you have the tenacity, will-power, and good nature to stick it out for 50 episodes, I recommend.
Do you guys like my new cover art? I made it myself. I did pretty good, right? I did it for your aesthetic pleasure. You’re welcome.
Unnie 😚♡

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